Friday, November 13, 2009

12 Nov 2009 - Blogz.. Just blogzz...

Mr. Sadrakh AGAIN CHECKED OUR ATTENDANCE!! ARGHH I'm GETTING TIRED OF THIS!!!... Anyways, Mr. Sadrakh asked if we have done our blogs, I haven't done it so I'm doing it all tonite.. :) ,MR. Sadrakh told us to send him an email of the URL of the blog. Mine is.. . Then Mr. like gave us a quiz on the scales and the Chords.. ACtually I coould've answered the question but Mister SKIPPED ME!! Un fair dude.. UNFAIR!! I could've gotten an extra mark.. huhuh.. ;(.. NVM, anyways then mr. s told us to finish our blogs than we went to recess. NO INSTRUMENT CLASS AGAIN!!! ARGH...

11 Nov 2009 - RETEST!!!!

WE did the retest today.. *gulps*.. practiced more so I think I did a whole lot BETTER than the last week.. Hooray!! I was the second to play from the woodwind group.. Un cool yo!! UN COOL!!! Anyways, We did that, not everybody though. Maybe 1/3 of the class... about 30%... Maybe.. Well the ppl i can remember is me, Alex, Sunaina, Vienna, Jonathan, Tristan, Angel, Eddy, Angky, Jennifer and other ppl.. It was tense.. GLAD THAT"S OVER!!!

5 Nov 2009 - AwFUl.. JUST AWFUL!!!

Today, is the worst day of my life.. 1. Today's the big assessment.. 2. I wasn't really ready for it.. :D
Well, we started of with the violin class.. Edward was the first one up.. (too bad).. Than it was the piano, than guitar, than the last is woodwind!! I played the first in woodwind class. (oh SCREW IT!!). I didn't do so good so I will do a re-test the next week.. Dunno on WEdnesday or on Thursday!!! I gotta practice MORE!!

4 Nov 2009 - Scales again.. (hooray!!)

Today Mr. Sadrakh (again) checked our attendance if we brought all our stuff and stuff like dat.. :) Then Mr. Sadrakh asked about what the c Major was and its contents and its Chords.. I can go on with this forever but the point is that Mr. S Taught us more about scales. He taught us about 1 flat scale and 2 flat scale.. ! flat scale major: F Major, 2 Flat Scale Major: Bb Major.. Mr. Taught us the contents and stuff like that.. Then we were of to instrument class, we practiced our melodies for tomorrow's assessment.. (too bad).. :D

29 Oct 2009 - Once upon a melody.. :D

Today, Mr. Sadrakh checked our Finale Work.. But first of course he checked our attendence.. *sigh*.... Anyways, Mr. S checked if we have done it and then he asked 4 of our friends from the different instrument classes to perform. They were Jonathan, Alex, Joshua and someone else i forgot.. hihi.. (Bad memory).. Then we did our reflection and went to instrument clas if not mistaken.. :D HOW FUN!!

28 Oct 2009 - FINALLY 2009.. Oops wrong spelling.. FINALE 2009.. :D

Today mr. Sadrakh Checked our attendance...........Again.... (i'm just getting tired of this)... Mr. S checked if we have downloaded our Finale 2009 program to our computer. I couldn't download it so I asked the software from Mr. Al, The other music teacher. So then Mr. S taught us how to make 4 bars for the Finale thingy ma- gic.. It wasn't THAT hard.. IT WAS AWEZOME!!

22 Oct 2009 - Cow RHAPSODY!!!

Today, (again bored) Mr. Sadrakh checked our attendance.. How obvious.. Anyways, Mr. S Checked if we have done our lyrics!! I did mine about cows!! Coz I LOVE COWZ!!! haha.. I named my song Cow Rhapsody and the song is about how cows can change our lifes and about a life of a cow.. Like how they say moo for everyday of their lives.. (duh.. ).. WE were going to be assessed playing that song with our instrument.. We then were told how to download finale 2009, a music software to make our song.. (how fun!! )

21 OCT 2009 - OH NO!! LYRICS...

Today, Mr. Sadrakh again and again and again.. checked our attendance. Its getting kinda boring yo!! :D.. NVM.. Mr. Sadrakh gave us this assessment paper we have to fill in with our melody and chords. we gotta do it neatly or we won't get a good score!! No probs Mr. S!!! So i did it as NEATLY as i could.. (so not me) and NEATLY gave it to mr. Sadrakh.. (doesn't make sense does it.. :D) So then Mr. Sadrakh told us to make the lyrics for our melody.. Oh Screw it!! This is gonna be a long night..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

15 Oct 2009 - Gundul2 pacul...

Today, Of course like usual mr. Sadrakh checked our attendance and stuuf like that.. yada yadda.. yadda.... Mister than wrote stuff on the board about the scales and chords than he told us to sing gundul gundul pacul by partners according to him.. (cheating ryte?) :).. Anyways then we copied more did our Reflections and went to instrument class.. yadda.. yadda..yadaaaa... :D

14 Oct 2009 - dam dam dam damm... (beethoven symphony no. 5) ^.^

TODAY IS OUR SONG DUE DATE!!! ( i forgot to tell that last week we had homework to make a song and with chord using the pentatonic scale, did i tell u this?) Some of us forgot to do the chords so they secretly did it before the bell ringed. They were lucky they weren't caught.. :)
We had a quiz (a fun one too) about the chords and scales.. That was fun!! Mr. Gave us a chinese song about moon boats.. (awkward).. :D

8 Oct 2009 - Our 2nd day, still new to term 2

We submitted our homework about the blog or not the Music Developmental Workbook. Some of us didn't submit it on time.. (oooh.. Too bad guys). Mr. Sadrakh emailed us that night if we didn't submit it today we're TOAST!!! DEAD MEAT!! (we get nil).. We listened to some of our friends practice for our assessment.. They are Alex, Jonathan, Joshua and Louis. We started to learn about Pentatonic scale #2. 1-3-4-5-7... VEry interesting yo!! We had a great day today.. :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 Oct 2009 - The start of a new term!

Today, we learnt about the pentationic scale. There were 2 types of them. 1 was C-D-E-G-A and the other was C-E-F-G-B. Our homework was to maken a melody out of the 1st type of Pentatonic scale. We also submitted our homework about the 4# Scale, it wasthe E Major. I was correct!!! In instrument class we learnt how to play the G Major on the Flute. It was quiet hard because we learnt new notes we didn't know before.

10 Sept 2009 - Last day of music class..

Today we gave our homework to Mr. Sadrakh.. I was correct, it was G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G.. hehe, Mister gave me an A!! The sequence of a Major scale is 1-1-1/2-1-1-1-1/2.. (did I already say this?) We learnt about the 2# scale and the 3# scale. The 2# scale is the D Major and the 3#scale is the A Major. What do you think we will learn in the next term?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 Sept 2009 - The day I typed this

Today, Mr. Sadrakh told us our score for the individual playing. I played the flute. I got an 80 out of a 100. Thats quiet good 'cause I'm a new student and I started later from the others. I joined the violin class before I joined flute, remember? The blog is due tomorrow and it is 9:48 pm right now ( I had to go to Warnet because my internet isn not working at home!). In Instrument class, we practiced more on the flute and we had to practice more on our flute practice. I wonder what will happen tomorrow...

3 Sept 2009 - Our Individual Assesment

Today, is THE SECOND SCARIEST DAY of Term 1. We had to play our instrument in front of everybody while we got graded by our instrument class teacher. I think I played quiet well on that day, because I was actually able to blow the flute and not make a weird sound. Mr. Sadrakh told our scores for our Group Project and also for our Booklets. I got 8 out of 8 on both. Yay! So actually I got a perfect score on the powerpoint.

2 Sept 2009 - September!

Another Month has started, it is September! Mr. Sadrakh told us to make a blog especially for our music reflections in grade 6. Which I am making right now, this day, this hour, this minute.. and so on (huh?).. Anyway, we learnt how to make the blog from Mr. Sadrakh, actually I already knew how to do it since grade 5. So it wasn't such a challenge for me to make a new blog and type every single piece of reflection we had written in term 1. And today we had instrument class. Mr. Hary gave us a flute practice. Or was that last week? And as I remember today we submitted our booklets we printed out about the Presentation.

27 August 2009 - The day after yesterday..

Today, I was so relieved that I was done with my powerpoint presentation presenting. But I think 2 or 3 groups wasn't finished with ityesterday, so they presented it today. I think it was the Bali and the Sumatra group. One of the group's reason is because the format is different, they saved it as Powerpoint 2007, we should have saved it as Powerpoint 2003. I THINK we didn't have music class.. Or we did, but even so, it was just for a while.


Today, we have to do our music presentation! NO!!!!!! We were done since last week. So we hat lots of time to practice for our presenting in school.. I think I didn't do really good in the Eye Contact part.. Even though I had my cue card, I still kept on looking at our presentation for no reason. I was to nervous to look at the audience.. But our group did quiet group. And so did the Sundanese group. We didn't have instrument class because of the presentations. (Too BAd)...

20 August 2009 - More And More Scales!

Today, we again learnt about scales.. We actually learn about scales at almost every music theory lesson.. We again learnt about the major scale. . As I have learnt, it's pattern is 1-1-1/2-1-1-1-1/2.. That is what is called a Major scale. We learnt about the sharps and flats of the scales. We learnt how to count the difference between two different notes. In music class, I learnt a new song called Mary Had A Little Lamb.

19 August 2009 - Nothing...

It was a holiday so we didn't have music class.. (Too bad)

Monday, September 7, 2009

13 August 2009 - Music Project!

Today is the 13th.. Scary! We were told to make a music project about Indonesian music. Even More Scarier! We were divided in to a few groups based on the different types of music there is in Indonesia. I was grouped as the Javanes Music Group. Along with, Rhea, Jesica, Joshua and Jonathan. We had to present our work in the next 2 weeks. In Instrument class, I again practice blowing the flute but it is still hard for me.

12 August 2009 - Flute-tastic!

Today, I quit the violin class and i changed to the flute class. With Alex and Sunaina.Today, I have already got my flute. Our teacher is Mr. Hary Wisnu. At first, we were told to just use the head of the flute. We had to blow properly and we had to do some breathing exercises. If we didn't do the breathing properly we could have died 'cause of lack of Oxygen that comes to our brains ( i think so, thats what my dad told me). We had much fun in theory class. Again, we sang Apuse!

Friday, September 4, 2009

4 August 2099 - Apuse!

Finally, we got a new song. The song was called Apuse. It was the song that was used in the Indonesian Film Garuda Di Dadaku. I like the song very much. We sang that song a few times until we got the hang of it. Mr. Hary Wisnu accompanied us during our singing. In Violin class, Mr. Sadrakh again taught the new students. And I tried to help teach them.

3 August 2009 - The Start Of A New Month!

Today is the first music class of August, and again we sang the song O Ina Ni Keke.. Hmpph.. I got bored singing that song over and over again. But today, we had to sing in groups in front of the whole class.. We had to stand in front of everybody! I sang with Angky, Dita and Angelica as I remember.. In violin class, my friends played something and Mr. Sadrakh taught the new students ( Devina, Vienna and Edward) about the 4 strings of the violin. I didn't have to play anything that day.

28 July 2009 - O Ina Ni Keke!

Today, we again sang the song "O Ina Ni Keke". Mr. Sadrakh accompanied us while we sang, I think I did quiet good, despite the fact that I had a sore throat at that time. In Violin class, I heard my other friends play their scales and I had to play a 3 Octave D Major Scale. Many of the notes were not perfect so i'll have to practice more on my scales. As we say.. "Practice Makes Perfect"! And in Theory class we also learnt about natural scales or the C Major scale.

27 July 2009 - Our Music Resources

Today, we learnt a new song which is called "O Ina Ni Keke". This song is from Sulawesi, according to Mr. Sadrakh. BTW. Mr. Sadrakh is my Violin and Theory teacher. Today, Mr. Sadrakh told us to bring our music materials which are:

1. Our Learning Journal

2. Our Pencil Case

3. Our Instruments (Except for if you are joining Piano of course..)

4. Our Music Books

And Finally...
5. Our Music Folder

21 July 2009 - Our First Music Class

Today, we got to pick what instrument we want to join. I chose to join the Violin class, I already had my own Violin because I wasn't new there. Actually, 7 was already max. but I still join. In Instrument Class, we didn't do anything because we didn't have our violins. We just talked together about our holidays. The ones in violin class were Tristan, Kevin, Jennifer, Angky, and 3 new students which are Devina, Edward and Vienna. And don't forget me!